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chol QeH tuq qeylIS  (Welcome to the Mad House of Kahless)
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KDFA Meeting

Derrin01, Oct 5, 10 5:59 PM.
     The meeting minutes are posted in our forum. There was not much discussed and the meeting was short. Minutes are not up on the KDFA site yet but we have a couple of people who made the meeting who contributed to us being able to place the minutes on our site first. We have an election for the high counsil next week and hope you will all be there. If you can nto be there please vote on the KDFA Web site in their voting section.

     I regret to inform all of the Mad House that this is the first KDFA Meeting that did not have a commanding presence from the Mad House of Kah'Less. While there were four flleets besides us represented and Qo'nos ELite only had one member show up, HOI also only had one member, House of Korax had two representatives, Black legion knights had four attendees and Mad House of Kah'Less had only three. Guys we usually have more representatives than any other fleet. Lets have a commanding presence at the next meeting. You do not have to be on Qo'nos but you do need to be in Vent in the KDFA High counsil meeting room.

New Poll

Derrin01, Oct 2, 10 6:45 PM.
     There is a new poll to vote on in the voting tab. Please vote on it so we can taylor the in game events to the needs of our fleet.

Breaking News form Dan Stahl

Derrin01, Oct 1, 10 11:58 PM.


The Ask Cryptic October 1, 2010 address is now in our forum. There is something for everyone in this address and it answers a lot of questions we have been asking. Read through it and see what is in store for STO!


War Reports

Derrin01, Sep 28, 10 10:51 AM.
     As every Klingon child knows, we are at war with the Federation dogs. There has been a new developement in this war. The Federation fleet known as Lucky 7 has challenged one of the Houses in our glorious Alliance. They have challenged our brothers in Black Legion Knights. This challenge is a standing challenge for Wed nights at 7:30 PM Central Standard Time. They have asked that all Lt. Generals who are willing to help go to the KDFA web site at and signup on the forums. I know the Mad House will support our Alliance brothers in this endeavor against the Federation. During this time the BLK are usually short handed and need more ships and disruptors on the ground.

    Also in other news we have moved our House battles to Thursday. We need people to log into our forums and put what time they would be available to compete on Thursdays in CST (Central Standard Time) so I can turn it in and we can get a definite time.

     Last item on the news for today is that I am proud to be in the Mad House of Kah'Less. Not only did the KDFA have its largest meeting attendance ever, but as usual MHOK had the largest turn out of any fleet. All the meeting minutes can be found in the KDFA forum and I will copy them to our forum as soon as I get the chance.

All members need to signup on the website.

Wohr, Sep 24, 10 2:54 PM.
Currently we have 36 members who have signed up for website access.  Since our House has over 180 members this is a bit disheartening to the officers of this House.  For you who have already signed up we shall be handing out awards for your loyalty and commitment to help in making us the best and strongest fleet this side of Qo'noS.

I ask everyone who can to please remind all others in our House to get on here and sign up.  Soon we will be hosting Fleet events and rewards will be coming as well. 
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We in the Mad House of Kahless have no level restrictions on our recruits.

Age requirements: You can join Mad House of Kahless if you are age 18 or over. After you talk (voice chat) with a few officers, you can be accepted into our fold.

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